christmas 2018

Every year we go to my cousins house for a couple days after Christmas. It’s always so much fun because we make homemade pasta, watch Barbie movies (even though we’re getting older, even the little ones, we still do this for the sake of tradition), and do a little shopping! I snapped some pics one of the days we were there- I’m glad I did because I love to look back on them! Have a Happy New Year!! Continue reading christmas 2018

Ellie and Jackson Part 2

Here’s some pictures I took of Jackson and Ellie last night! I’m proud of how they turned out and they were so easy to shoot with, which made it that much more fun! They’re super cute- you’ll die at some of these!!! I have another post about them at homecoming if you want to check that out too! Obsessed with these two lovies so much:) So so happy Ellie has someone like him in her life! All the love xoxo Continue reading Ellie and Jackson Part 2