summer of 19 you + me

So long I’ve waiting to finally use that line!!! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a song by dan + shay. I found that song last summer and it was perfect because 1) I already love country music 2) the music video was filmed right by my nana and papa’s condo in myrtle beach and 3) it’s the summer of 2019 and I just turned 19 & 4) reminds me of my friend Abby!! The chorus:

“Watchin’ that blonde hair swing
To every song I’d sing
You were California beautiful
I was playin’ everything but cool
I can still hear that sound
Of every wave crashin’ down
Like the tears we cried
That day we had to leave
It was everything we wanted it to be
The summer of
19 you and me”

that reminded me of Abbs cause of the blonde hair line and then every time I would hear it I thought of her! (it’s called true love) Anyways, we didn’t talk to each other for about 6 months senior year and EVERY SINGLE TIME this song came on when I played my music I would skip it so quick. Or I would listen and start tearing up about 3 lines in and THEN skip it hahah.

God has led me back to this girl and we’ve already made some fun memories this summer:) This post isn’t just me talking about how a love song makes me think of one my best friends lol but this summer has been a great one so far and I don’t want to forget these little things!

  • The night before my last final of high school with my roommate next year, Sophie, and her friends she introduced me to. Stooopid.


  • The night before graduation rehearsal with Renata and Kylie #17 🙂


  • Dierks Bentley concert the night before graduation (something about the nights before big things I guess hahah). I brought my friend Savannah with me and we always have the best time!!! She’s leaving me for New Jersey and I am so sad!!! She also ran into someone that night and got nacho cheese spilled all over her, I really don’t think I’ve laughed so hard. That’s also when I saw Abby’s family again for the first time after soooo long and her parents and her brother gave me the biggest hugs and of course I started crying!!! Awesome!


Graduation! Spending the day with family from both sides of the family at Blind Owl Brewery (so fun) and our best friends that we’ve grown up with and their family.


  • Our open house!! Carson (the best friend from the one before) and I had our open house and the weather held out for us despite the odds and it was so fun- even when it was over and we were EXHAUSTED. So many people I love came to celebrate with us and I was as happy as could be.

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  • The night of our open house. I went over to Abby’s with a bunch of friends and we hung out with Jimmy and his friends. Felt like old times and was a night to remember!!!


  • Orientation. That itself was dumb (sorry iu I still love you) but at night we walked around Bloomington and stopped in different restaurants with our friends. It was my mom and I, Sophie and her mom, Abby and her parents, and Abby’s roommate/also my friend Emily and her mom. They played a game (Sink the Biz) at one of the restaurants we were at and it was hilarious- definitely something I won’t forget. (Sherri is a DAWG)


  • My cousin Colton got married to his gorgeous fiancĂ©e Jasmine!! The wedding was so stunning, the people decorating were telling me how this is one of the top 5 most beautiful weddings they’ve ever set up! They let me be their videographer for the day too which was so fun because I got to be there the whole day and it was sooo magical!!!


  • Carrie Underwood concert with Ellie. She’s been a best friend of mine since elementary school and her attitude and way she lives life is so contagious, every time I’m with her I ask myself why do we not hang out everyday?? She loves me for me and the same with everyone else!


  • Thomas Rhett concert the night before my birthday. Grace, Lauren, and I went to the concert together and had a helluva time!! Abby came later with Drew and it was so special to spend my 3rd bday in a row with her! (2nd in a row at a concert too!) I met a bunch of friends at home and they sang me happy birthday at midnight and shoutout Elyse for the bday gift- it was put to good use.


  • THE LAKE. The next day- most freaking fun I’ve had just about ever. I’ve known my friend Jack since we were little and he invited me to his lake house with Sophie and a bunch of our other friends!! Coody Browns, the bOdYsUrFiNg, and the late night boat ride (underwater). Spent by birthday the best way possible and I was officially initiated into SBR, even if it was a tiny bit brutal on my end:) Found out I physically can’t listen to screamo.


  • In a couple days we leave for our annual Michigan trip with my mom’s family and I’m pumped for that- there will be a post about that shortly!!!

Hope y’all have a great summer!!!

xoxo lane

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